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3 Answers

What are some of the reasons why people think arts education is not important?

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As much detail as possible please. I am looking for reasons as to why people are against funding for arts or think that music education is just a frill. Thanks guys.

3 Answers

  1. ItsMePatch on Jan 31, 2011

    I Don’t Really Know

    I Want to be an Art Teacher Myself

    and that’s one of my biggest fears is them removing it from the curriculum.
    As they have tried to before.

    It May be because there is only a small amount of people who excel in art & Music. A lot don’t, unlike the 3 main core subjects, English, Maths And Science, where the is an substantial amount of people who excel in them. And there are a higher number of careers in Core subjects that in Art & Music


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  2. kidachan on Jan 31, 2011

    because people don’t see the value of arts. if you talk to your parents (well maybe not your parents but mine for sure) they tell me it’s great that i can sing and i can draw but what will i do with it? those already in the field understand and know. most people think of picaso when they think of those that do arts and see their kids starving for a life and feel dissapointed. now adays there are several jobs in both music and ars if you know what your looking for. an example for the arts would be making loggos, signs, designing. with a talent in music again parents only see the line of american idol and say out of those millions of people only 2 make i? my child will more likely hen not be one of the million that didn’t make it, its a waste of my childs time. but they don’t think fo the other jobs open in music such as dj broad casting and commercial arrangment.

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  3. Greenfin X on Jan 31, 2011

    I dont think so people are against arts education, its not people actually, its our self restriction, we always prefer other education rather than arts education, i have seen so many parents who appreciate their children wish, if we take more interest in arts education we can increase the number of arts education schools, basically it depends on the people demand.

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